Rumor: This is the iPhone 5

Rumored iPhone 5

Image: MacRumors

A post by user guigsh on the MacRumors forums reveals what is claimed to be an iPhone 5. The only thing said was, “Picture taken yesterday in the office of a French operator,” and “Believe it or not… Cheers.” It’s hard to say at this point, but based on what we’ve seen, it very well could be. If anything, it is closely based on what the rumors have been pointing to.

If this is the iPhone 5, you can see that it’s definitely thinner than the current model. It still has the metal rim antenna design, but it’s been redone a bit. The front and back panels protrude slightly. It this is not real, it’s an interesting fake. Though keep in mind, we did see some iPhone 5 clones out of China that were said to be based closely on the real thing. They didn’t look too far from this design, but those edges seemed to taper a bit, and based on the images it actually appeared to be a little thicker than this one, but that’s difficult to gauge if it’s not next something as a point of reference.

As long as it’s not the iPhone 5 we saw late last year.


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