Stop Acting Like A Cry Baby Google….

Android Cry Baby

 Is Google really acting like a cry baby or is it that things are just bad for the internet search giant. In the recent days we witnessed tech giants, Microsoft and Google, reacting over each other like a couple of feuding starlets over some patents issue.

Google is accusing Microsoft, Apple and a few more from the tech arena on launching a “organized campaign” against its Android Operating System. Such was the example last year, when Apple, Microsoft and Research In Motion made a consortium to bid for Nortel patents, leaving just Google Inc. on the other end to compete.

So was this a planned effort to make things worse for Google or is it just the Android company making a cry. Microsoft and Apple, both have sued Google partners like HTC and Samsung to hinder on Android’s success. As HTC is heard on paying royalties to Microsoft for every Android handset it produces which eventually leaves Microsoft with more money compared to what they make out of from sale of Windows Phone 7 handsets.

via [Android Me]

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