The US Government Is Looking for App Ideas From the Public

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The US Government is looking for app ideas from the general public.

The government currently has over 50 free apps available for download, and all are for free. The applications already available from the government cover a wide range of uses. Everything from travel alerts and warnings to government job finders and product recalls is available for download, but right now they are looking for suggestions from the people.

Until September 15, they will be taking idea submissions (via blog). It’s not totally clear which, or how many of the suggested apps will become real, but they have started a Google Moderator page for submissions. There are already several posted, and they can be voted up or down and are ranked based on popularity, “Good suggestion? Yes No?”

Have a look at some of the ideas currently at the top of the list:

“Town Hall app. An app that alerts you when and where a public meeting will be held. And what the meeting would be about.” – ercwtsn, Houston

“An app that shows all contact information for all of my representatives from the local, state, and federal level based on my address.” – Lincoln

“An app that utilizes GPS coordinates to aid in disaster response, send relevant emergency alerts to the user, and ability to locate loved ones by last known location. For better description –″ – Coulter Johnson, Texas

iPassport – get a badge for every national park or monument that you visit.” – MichApp, Detroit

As you can see there are plenty of app ideas available and they range from useful to fun.

You can take a look at the submissions here: Making Mobile Gov Dialogue Google Moderator

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