There’s No Tablet Market, There’s An iPad Market

 HP Touchpad tombstone

To say that the iPad has been a retail success would be an understatement. The popular tablet has continued to sell through the roof, and up until last month Apple had them on back order and it was difficult to find and stores actually had to announce when they would have units in stock.

Meanwhile, we’ve been hearing that rival tablets are struggling to keep up. Analyst Maynard UM at UBS Investment took a look at demand in back to school sales and noticed that faculty and students currently prefer Apple’s tablets over rivals. Non-iPad tablets continue to lag behind and see price drops and the HP Touchpad has been laid to rest. Something we’re not surprised happened.

Let’s take a look at some of the recent tablets that haven’t quite managed to take off as the makers would have hoped.

The chart below shows some of the bigger tablet releases that never quite took off, and it will be updated accordingly.

That said, today has been a big day for tablet news as HP announced that they have no further plans for their webOS line, which includes the Pre and the HP TouchPad. They do note that this does not mean that webOS does not have a future with them. They just don’t believe that those products have been enough of a success to warrant continued support.

Furthermore, Sprint recently announced that they would not be carrying the PlayBook as was originally intended. There’s more in the chart below.

TabletRelease DateDate of Price DropBase Model Launch PricePrice After DropDead or Alive
Vizio 8-Inch8/9/20118/9/2011 (at some locations)$329 - $369$299 (price dropped before release)Alive
HP TouchPad
7/1/20118/10/2011$499$399Dead as of 8/18/11
Viewsonic G-Tablet
11/1/20104/15/2011$299$280 (Amazon)Alive

3/25/2010N/A$499N/ADead (Replaced with Grid10)
Acer Iconia Tab
BlackBerry PlayBook
4/19/2011N/A$499N/AAlive (Though Sprint will not be picking it up as originally intended)

Remember the Time?

It makes us remember the age of the MP3 player all over again. MP3 players were somewhat popular, but there was a point when the hot device was the iPod. Many devices came and went, but none were able to truly meet the success of Apple’s iPod, which helped springboard them into becoming a consumer tech company rather than just a computer company.


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