Time Warner Offering Free Slingboxes–What’s the Catch?

Slingbox HD Pro

Time Warner Cable, a provider of TV and internet services recently announced that they will be subsidizing purchases of the Slingbox set-top box for some subscribers.

So if you’re wondering how to get a free Slingbox, of course there is a catch. What is it?

Well, users must subscribe to Time Warner Cable’s Wideband Internet Service. At $99-a-month it’s not exactly cheap for most users. What’s more, you don’t exactly get handed a Slingbox, go home and call it  day. It’s a rebate. Yes, the dreaded rebate. Meaning you have to mail in a bunch of crap that proves you purchased everything (the Slingbox is $300) and then wait for what feels like six months to get a check for the amount you paid for your box.

The Real News Here

The real news here, as pointed out by the New York Times, is that this shows the increasing importance of internet becoming a major part of how providers like Time Warner operate. It’s also further proof that streaming is a major part of where our viewing is headed.


It’s a Good Way to Stream

They also recall the little dispute between TWC and Viacom over the Time Warner streaming app for iPad. Funny enough, we wrote a how to about streaming video and mentioned that Slingbox was our preferred method. This is because Slingbox works in a way that beams your cable viewing to a device. You no longer have to worry about Time Warner being taken to court over a streaming app or whether or not Viacom is okay with the app, and so on.


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