Trimensional Brings 3D Scanning to the iPhone

Trimensional does something quite remarkable and it may end up defining a new era of what you can do with visual representation on a mobile device.  It is marking itself as the “world’s first 3D scanner for the iPhone,” and that is exactly what it does.  On your iPhone 4, Trimensional scans your face using the front camera and creates a three dimensional representation of what it sees.  It works similar to taking a regular photos, yet instead allows you to move the camera somewhat so that it gets multiple angles.  It then combines this to a three dimensional face that comes from the movement.

To do it you have to get into the dark and jack the iPhone’s brightness all the way up.  Then you put it somewhat close to your face and then let it scan around.  The tool now allows you to share the image, and even animated GOF if you want a little motion.  There are options to then use it in line with a 3D printer, but this is really going to be for people that know what they are doing and have that kind of unique technology at their disposal.  The quality does not tend to be high enough to warrant the use of a 3D printer, but it may be in the future.


Right now the app is going for only $0.99, which is really a steal for what it does.  Expect the price to get bumped up a bracket in the future, especially as people turn on to what this can do.

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