Viacom and Cablevision Settle Dispute Over Streaming App

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A while back Viacom and Cablevision got into a legal dispute over Cablevision’s Optimum app. It offered iPad streaming for subscribers. Viacom, as you may imagine, didn’t like this.

What happened was that Viacom felt that the app infringes on their copyrights. Apparently they don’t want people watching crappy MTV shows on their iPad without getting a cut, so they sought millions in damages (aren’t we paying for the cable anyway? Does it matter if we’re watching it on TV or on an iPad? We’re still paying the cable bill.).

Cablevision’s argument was that it is just an extension of subscribers’ cable services. Anyway, after a short legal battle, they decided to settle. As expected, they did not share details of the settlement, but they offered the typical public relations response saying that both parties have reached a mutual agreement, blah blah.

At least it means you can enjoy your shows.

This is similar to what happened with Time Warner and Viacom.

[AP Via Mercury News]

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