Want a Free iPad? Join Private Christian School in Dallas

iPad 2 Side Shot

Well, here’s one way to get a free iPad.

The iPad can be an interesting educational tool. It allows for web browsing, note taking and has several reader apps available for it. We’ve seen schools adopt the iPad in the past (even going as far as advertising it with bad Photoshop).

Now 60 teachers and all high school students at Dallas Christian School (DCS) will get free iPads. This takes effect this December, (they’ve even gone so far as to specify a date and time! Dec. 8, at 12:45pm, if you’re interested) as they hand out the tablet device to the teachers.

This, they say, is part of their “ChargerTech” initiative. Over the Christmas holidays, the teachers will take time to learn their new iPad.

Here’s a section of the report:

““This initiative will help our students get a leg-up on being ready to live and work in a digital world,” says Colleen Netterville, president of Dallas Christian. “We are diving into an area that will take our students and our faculty – our entire school – fully into the 21stcentury, and we’re ready to make use of the most cutting-edge tools the market has to offer.”

They aren’t spending their own money. They say that the iPads are a gift from a Texas entrepreneur and class of ’86 DCS graduate Randy Hill. Not bad. Let’s hope they can make good use of the devices.

[Via Dallas Christian School]

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