Wind of Change: You Can Use Your iPhone While Attending PGA Tour


PGA Tour

Feel free to carry your iPhone to the golf game, so long as you have it on silent.

PGA Tour’s new mobile device policy will allow fans in attendance to take their mobile devices to next month’s World Gold Championships-Bridgetstone Invitational.

This new policy will allow mobile users to carry their devices so long as they are on silent, while there will be designated areas for phone calls to be made without distracting the golfers. Sounds like a win-win.

This is interesting news because in previous years users couldn’t take their cellular phones for the events. This was, of course, thanks to a select few who chose to be rude and ruin things for everybody. Back in 1999, PGA Tour began clamping down on cellular use because there were times in which people’s phones would ring and ruin a golfer’s shot. In one instance, a man answered his cell phone, forcing the golfer to back away from the tee shot just as he was about to go. Then the person continued his loud conversation and security chased him out.

If you go, remember, put that phone on silent. Don’t be that guy.


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