5 Great iPad Apps and Accessories for Children

iPad 2 Black and White Models

The iPad is a great little device. It’s something suited for grown-ups and even older folks who aren’t completely used to computers. However, the iPad is also a great tablet for children. It can make for fun, interactive experiences and it can be used as an educational tool as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the apps and accessories that make the iPad a nice device for children.


1) Disney Appmates Cars

This is a sweet looking app for the iPad. It comes with neat little toy cars fashioned after the ones in the movie. The concept is actually very cool, because you can hold the little toy cars up to the screen and they make use of the technology to make it appear as if the cars have working headlights and interact with the objects around them. Watch the video above.

2) Cozmo’s Day Off


We played with this one a while back and we enjoyed it. It’s an interactive storybook that has fun little elements within the pages. It makes for a great experience for children. It also passed the iSmashPhone child test, which consisted of handing the app to a child and letting them have fun with it for a while. They enjoyed it more than we did. It’s cute and it’s colorful. You can read the full review here.


3) M-Edge iPad Case

 SuperShell for iPad 2



Of course you want to make sure that if the iPad is being put in younger hands that it is well-protected. The SuperShell for iPad 2 is a nice case that protects the device from drops. It’s also designed so that it can be easily gripped by small hands.



4) The Magic School Bus: Oceans

Magic School Bus

I grew up with the Magic School Bus, so it’s cool to see it coming to the iPad. The illustrations were always so cool and detailed with interesting little facts and pieces of information for children to absorb. What’s truly neat about the iPad version is that now there are interactive segments. We didn’t get that when we were kids!



5) Playtime Theater

PlayTime Theater

This will help your child express his or her creative side. It’s an app that lets them create little scenarios or tell stories with the various backgrounds and clipart-type images. They can even put pictures in it to put themselves in the story. Link


Working With Your Children

It’s always fun to spend time with your children. Make sure you can do something that you can both enjoy. Playing a simple iPad game together or reading an interactive story with your young one is a great way to bond and to teach them. Of course, as with anything that requires being there to show them how it all works.

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