5 Magic Tricks Performed With iOS Devices

 Magic iPad

A long time ago Steve Jobs said that the iPad is a magical device. Agree or disagree, some folks have decided to take that term a bit more literally. They have started using their iPad as well as other iOS devices to create cool little magic tricks and performances.

The results are cool, and it just shows some of the possibilities with new ways to perform closeup magic.


1) Is This Your Card

This is a take on the classic card trick. You have a spectator pick a card, and after that, their card is named. It’s a simple trick that’s withstood the test of time, and adding new twists can always make it a little more interesting.



2) iWater

Okay, so the trick here isn’t the most convincing, but it’s a cool party trick. You get your iPhone and pretend to pour water into it. The iPhone seemingly fills up with water and your app icons float around the screen. Again, it’s not convincing, but it’s available from iPhoneMagics, and it’s a fun little thing to show your friends.


3) iPad Magic

This guy does some awesome stuff with his iPad. He makes it look so effortless, too. He seemingly pulls stuff from behind his iPad. It’s all very cool, and it’s worth checking out and passing along to friends.


4) iPad Magic SnapCal

This guy is pretty awesome. He posted another video full of iPad magic tricks, and he pulls off a few more cool illusions. This time it’s mostly card-based. You can see him flip cards and make it seem as if the image from the card is appearing on the iPad. It’s very cool looking.



5) More iPad Tricks

We got a kick out of this one. We like the angle he takes, as if showing off new features of iOS 5. It’s all a video, but it seems to move smoothly and flows like he’s selling us on all that the iPad can do. Great sleight of hand from this guy.


6) Bonus: The Woz Does a Magic Trick

While looking around for iPad magic, we found this cool little video. It’s Steve Wozniak waiting in line for the iPad. Someone asked him about the ring he was wearing around his neck, and he performed a cool little trick.


Closeup Magic is Always Fun

Even though some of these tricks look very cool, they all seem like closeup magic. That means it’s probably really dang hard to pull off convincingly. Either way, kudos to those illusionists as they were able to find interesting tricks that revolved around their iPads and iPhones.

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