Accessory Spotter: Atari To Unveil Official Joystick For iPad

And the Atari game read: “Play with the official Atari® Arcade – Duo™ Powered joystick”. Confused? That’s what I was when I first read this, while trying to grab on the latest update to Atari’s Greatest Hits on my iPad. Upon deepening my search, found out that there is a new iPad-compatible joystick which has been specially designed to let you play all those classic/old-style arcade and Atari games.

The Atari Duo Stick delivers a minimal look compared to others, in order to keep the price lower. The design lets users play games at both landscape and portrait modes. The Atari Arcade Duo Powered Stick sports four analog buttons and a joystick, similar to the one’s you used to experience at arcades.

Imagine the game play over Atari Arcade Duo Powered Stick attached with your iPad and experience the fun with family and friends anywhere.

Many of the details, including the shipping and the price are still kept mum but we expect a cheaper price compared to other Joysticks available in the market. In addition, the device is voiced to feature Bluetooth connection rather offering a connection via the dock connector.

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