Accessory Spotter: Fostex AR-4i – The Audio Interface For iPhone 4

The Apple iPhone 4 has surely been one of the most fabulous thing ever happened. Apart from being an amazing smartphone, the gadget has the ability to take great HD quality snaps as well as videos. However, it does lag behind when sound is involved. The device features a small internal microphone which records only in mono which obviously does not deliver on words to describe.

Introducing the all new Fostex AR-4i. Attach this smart accessory for excellent quality stereo audio recording via the Dock Connector and in-built AD/DA converter which improves the audio quality of your iPhone 4.

In addition, the Fostex AR-4i features a 4-dot LED Level Meter for input level monitoring, microphone and headphone monitoring, which has been designed to dramatically increase the quality of sound of the videos you capture. The smart accessory also features 3 microphone inputs with plug-in power for vertical or horizontal use as well as access to control input level and EQ via the dedicated App.

Powered with 2 AAA batteries which delivers more than 10 hours of operation as well as adding external power via the USB.

Ergonomic Design, perfectly blends with your iPhone 4 for secure holding. To add a little spice, it also feature a screw hole for attaching optional camera gears such as tripod.

Available at an attractive price of US$ 149.99

via [Core77]

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