Accessory Spotter: InCase Flex Wristband For iPod Nano 6G by Frog

inCase, leading tech-friendly firm with the passion to promote design simplicity has proud to announce the addition of Flex Wristband. A simple, fashionable and carrying solution to keep your iPod nano close at hand, more specifically your wrist. The Flex Wristband offers you a secure hold which guarantees that it won’t scratch, whereas the open-sided design gives access to the headphone port and 30-pin connector so that you can charge, sync and listen to your iPod nano without the need to remove it from the wrist. inCase has smartly designed the accessory in flexible steel to fit virtually any wrist while offering a look, to blend perfectly with anything.

Our team has loved to blog and cover such wristbands. Before continuing to read on various features and pricing of the inCase Flex Wristband, we would appreciate you take a look at “6 Stylish Watch Straps For Your Current-gen iPod Nano”


1. Durable steel band construction

2. Flexible wristband for comfort

3. Wristband expands to fit virtually any wrist

4. Secure scratch-resistant iPod nano attachment

For now, the Flex Wristband has been made compatible with iPod Nano 6G and available at an attractive price of $49.95.

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