Accessory Spotter: Introducing, The iOS Friendly iZON Remote Room Monitor

Enjoy complete control with the all new iZon Remote Room Monitor. Stem Innovation has proudly released the small, stylish and elegant video camera, enabling users to view and listen to activity or happenings in your home or office from anywhere in the world over your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. iZON secretly broadcasts its own wireless network, allowing you to communicate with it and share your local network information securely.

Anything designed exclusively for iOS devices would surely deliver an eye-catching and unique design. The iZON Remote Room Monitor sports a slim white cylinder camera measuring just 1.2 inches in diameter and 3.25 inches tall. The camera comes attached with a magnetic hemispherical base with mounting screws, providing users with the access to attach the camera either to a wall or ceiling.

To “Power” the unit, a small cylindrical AC adapter or by a powered USB 2.0 port can be used. A small cable is attached to the mini-USB port on the back which unlike other webcams is barely visible.

Whereas I couldn’t get much information on the camera lens, I expect the resolution to be fairly low, maybe somewhere around 320 x 240. When connected, the iZON supports QVGA recording with upload to your free, private YouTube account. The accessory can smartly detect noise or motion while record clips which begin 5 seconds prior to the triggering event. On the other hand, manual recordings are initiated from the “Record” button in the Live Camera View and automatically record 30 second clips to your YouTube account.

Moving on towards functionality and installation which does not require you to be a professional or a computer expert. The iZON can be set up easily when you load the Stem:Connect app on your iOS devices and send a request to install it. In return, the app leads you step by step through the process.

Create a free Stem account which forwards a secure connection for access to your video and audio. Plug-in your device and position it somewhere. The device smartly sets up the iZON network which can be connected to for identification of the unit. After it appears on your iPhone or iPad, all you need to do is to tap the device button on the iOS device and provide and authentic home network and password. In a few seconds, you would be able to view the video on your screen.

Furthermore, the Stem:Connect app is customizable and can be set up to trigger various alarms. “Motion” alarm can be set to watch a door, stairs, or any location which has a more vulnerable point. The “Sound” alarm has the ability to listen for sounds in the area of the camera. It does take quite a bit of the time, but it’s surely fascinating to see how it works.

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