Accessory Spotter: Introducing The Wallee Lock For iPad

Introducing, the Wallee Lock for iPad. Developed by a small group of fanatics from Australia, all of whom flew to New York City to be among the first to purchase the iPad and crazy enough to discover ways to hang the iPad everywhere. The Wallee was unveiled to help users install the iPad next to their phones for quick message taking, follow recipes while in the kitchen, watch an exciting movie while in the bath tub, on your entrance wall to display pictures of friends and family, on the back seat of your car to keep kids entertained and many other solutions to keep your hands free.

Since the launch of the Wallee, the company is amazed to have witnessed great demand for the accessory. The convenience has added various possibilities to many retailers, galleries, bank, restaurants and others who have been looking for something sleek and simple.

Whereas Wallee was the ideal solution, yet it lacked the feature of secure enough for public installation due to the fear or danger of theft. As users rolled in questions and ideas, the Australians were seen back at work as they introduced an answer, the Wallee Lock.

Not much was known on the availability, features and the pricing, the company is glad to unveil the perfect locking solution for Wallee. Your iPad is now safe and can be placed at any wall or store shelf for greater access.

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