Accessory Spotter: Manage Earphone Cords With Sinch by Frog

“Live Tangle Free”. Introducing Sinch, a new magnetic solution, specially designed for users who are on the look to find a way to deal with the headphone cord chaos. Standing at the subway station, I was surprised to see thousands of music lovers, connected via either their smartphone or the iPod, to listen to what they love to hear.

Whereas all is termed well when we see them listening, things go a bit awkward when in-ear headphones need to be put aside. A survey revealed that many use their devices as wrappers, eventually ending only to return to a mess of tangles, while on the other hand, some use their sidepockets and backpockets to fish out the headphones. 

Frog has been able to create a simple and smart design for an elastic band with a stretch-able hole to attach to the base plug as well as a set of magnets which keep the tangle of cords smartly wrapped and neat. The super smart accessory is a must-have, specially for those who are more glued with the music world.

Sinch helps you wrap the cord over your device in a manageable way when the headphones are plugged in and secured into place with the magnetized ends of the Sinch. On the other hand, Sinch can also be used when you need to carry the headphones separately.

Discover the various features of Sinch.

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