Amazon Announcement Roundup – Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, $79 Kindle


Amazon’s New York event was the place to be this morning.  The company announced a few new products and services. Let’s take a quick look at all that was shown off today. It’s actually pretty sweet. I’m digging the Kindle touch.



1) Amazon Singles

Amazon Singles are shorter novella-type stories. Not much was said about these, so we figured we’d get it out of the way first. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos said they are just “natural length” content.


2) Kindle Touch

This one is very attractive. It’s a $99 eReader with no hardware buttons. Everything is touch-controlled. Those wanting the 3G model will have to pay up an additional $50 (total of $149) but the nice part is that the 3G service, as always for Amazon, is free. This, because it’s used to purchase books, and we’re sure the cost is covered somewhere in the book purchase . This particular model has a feature called X-Ray, which pulls relevant information in with your book download. For instance, the book Remains of the Day made mention of the Versailles Treaty X-ray lets the user check that out, much like they would with the dictionary Kindle users are familiar with. The difference here is that it shows you a wikipedia entry with deeper information about the treaty.


3) Kindle Fire

This is Amazon’s big tablet reveal. It’s looks to be around the size of the BlackBerry PlayBook, but unlike the PBook, seems fully-featured. It’s compatible with all of Amazon’s streaming services and Amazon Cloud, giving you tons of storage capacity. They also have the Android Appstore service on their side. The cool part? It’s actually a real App Store competitor. It makes use of already-made Amazon accounts, and all the apps are tested. This does just about everything an Android tablet does, such as browsing, video and music. Also a nice feature is the Amazon Whisptersync. Those who have a Kindle may have seen this. It’s the feature that allows you to read a book on your Kindle, then pick up where you left off on your iPad without having to find the page. Very convenient. Well, it works for movies and TV shows, too. This means that you can watch part of your film, then watch from where you left off when you get home and so on. The Price? $199.


4) $79 Kindle

A slap in the face to Barnes & Noble. The lowest end Kindle is priced at $79. A nice surprise would have been $99, but $79 is an even nicer surprise, don’t ya think? The $79 Kindle has those special offers (a polite word for ads), but the ads actually don’t get in the way based on what we’ve seen. You can pay $109 and get one with no advertising. That one ships today.



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