Apple Announces October 4th Event “Let’s Talk iPhone”

 Apple iPhone Event

Funny, we were just talking about this over at iSmashPhone. We were wondering if the event had become official. Well, now it has. Apple has sent out press invites for the upcoming iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S, or whatever they end up announcing) event.

The icons are cutely placed in order to reflect the time of the event and more. As previously rumored, it’s happening at the Apple campus in Cupertino.

iSmashPhone will be live blogging the iPhone event as we always do. Come in, join the discussion and have fun. These events are always a blast and it’s always enjoyable to enjoy the events with others.

What You Can Count On

We will no doubt get a release date (currently rumored to be October 14th). We will learn about the iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S (and whether they are actually two different phones). We will also learn what carriers it will be coming to (though we expect the usual and the addition of Sprint). Then we will finally know the release of iOS 5, which we’ve been anticipating for quite some time. Let’s hope that the recent rumors of the amazing voice control functionality are true.

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