Apple Store Style: Lowe’s Employees Get Free iPhone 4 Handsets

Employees at Lowe’s are getting free iPhone 4 handsets. According to the report (via Bloomberg), the store is going to be equipping their employees with 42,000 iPhone 4s. This will allow them to help answer questions for shoppers and ring them up, Apple Store style.

They are also getting an online tool that will give them access to owner’s manuals, warranties and paint formulas. Also available will be wifi for shoppers with smartphones. The idea is that they will be able to search things quickly. They have also released an App for iPhone and iPod touch.

We’re seeing more and more that retailers are blurring the line between brick and mortar and online. For instance, Barnes & Noble will let you peak at books while at a store location if you are on a Nook. Apple has made it easier to use their Apple Store app to search through the store.

Many may remember that Apple filed a patent application for a shopping helper, as did Nintendo with a similar shopper helper for Nintendo DS.

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