Apple To Samsung: Sorry, You’re OUT!

Cupertino-based gadget giant, Apple, has been reported on increasing purchases of flash memory from Japanese suppliers rather depending on Samsung for components, in an effort to fulfill the demand but more specifically on behaving the “corporate way” as the two companies continue to battle inside court rooms.

The source confirmed as saying that Apple has been focusing more over Toshiba and Elpida Memory for orders of DRAM and NAND flash. This ought to teach Samsung a lesson as the bigger orders are seen going the other way rather the iDevice maker relying on its products.

The source was quoted as:

Apple has moved to reduce its reliance on memory supplies from Samsung Electronics, the sources claimed. The vendor has procured more NAND flash parts from Toshiba, and mobile RAM from Elpida.

Moreover, the legal war between Samsung and Apple has let the later discover as well as broaden its supplier base. Till date, Samsung had been the largest component supplier for Apple’s products. In addition, it has also been reported that the gadget giant has signed an agreement with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. to manufacture the next two generations of Apple processors. This would again be a big blow for Samsung which was contracted to produce A4 and A5 chips, powering the Apple iOS devices.

Currently, Samsung holds more than 40 percent share of the worldwide DRAM market and a 30 percent share of NAND flash production.

The temperature between the both seem to be on an upward trend as Samsung plans to target the upcoming iPhone 5 as well as pursue legal action against Apple’s next generation handset in Europe. For now, Apple seems to be on the upper hand as it has managed to won a permanent ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany earlier this month after a court ruled in favor of the gadget giant.

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