Appsbar “Discography” Lets You Make Apps To Sell Music

Last time I asked, they replied “though we are quiet, we’re busy developing”. This left me wondering as to what they have been busy with. DIY mobile app creator appsbar is launching a brand new toolkit for garage bands and upcoming artists called “Discography”.

The new option is available in the “create new page” section of the appsbar’s free app builder. Artists can simply enter in their unique Artist ID from iTunes or set up a separate payment service to be used for selling their songs. In addition, the new toolkit features a variety of social sharing functions that allow artists to send out messages when a new track is available for download.

Apps’ users have the chance to listen to a 30-second music sample prior to purchasing and the sample can be shared across various social networks. Users can also review or comment on the track and these reviews are available to all other app users.

For now, the appsbar Discography is an option on iOS only but will be made available on Android soon.


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