Are You Willing to Buy an iPhone 5?


A study from InMobi, an independent ad network, says that 41 percent of mobile users in the US, Canada and Mexico plan on picking up the iPhone 5.

The Survey also shows that 50 percent of those 41 percent want to upgrade within the first six months of availability. What’s particularly interesting about the survey is that there are results for the iPhone 4S as well.

iPhone Upgrades

iPhone 4S Would You Upgrade?

Okay. So few outside Apple know what is going on with the iPhone. We know there is a new model, maybe two on the way. It’s not totally clear, and Apple’s not going to say until October 4th. The survey asked people whether they would upgrade if Apple introduced the iPhone 4S, which in this case would be a slightly upgraded iPhone 4. It would probably look just like the iPhone 4, but have a few minor upgrades. In that scenario, only 15 percent would go for the upgrade. That’s a big difference from the 41 percent who would upgrade if the new iPhone were to be redesigned.


How About Users of Other Smartphones? 

Users of other smartphones are also interested in picking up an iPhone, according to the survey. BlackBerry users weigh in at 52 percent. That means that more than half of BlackBerry users are looking to getting an iPhone. As for current iPhone users? 51 percent. Meanwhile, only 27 percent of Android users plan on getting an iPhone 5 (we wonder how many of those are on Sprint).


Is the iPhone upgrade worth it for you?

Are you looking to upgrade your iPhone? There are plenty of people who are. Are you a Sprint customer who has been waiting for the iPhone? We’re sure there are a few of those as well.

Either way, you can check out the survey here.

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