AT&T Screenshot Confirms White iPhone 4s

The Internet detectives may have given us a heads up on the white iPhone 4s.


The iPhone rumor mill will go nuts over even the slightest suspicion that real news is coming in, even if they have to decode it from fairly innocuous images.  Recently a screenshot from the AT&T internal system that shows several listings for different types of iPhone 4 models, including the white iPhone 4.  At the bottom of the list is “iPhone 4s white,” which is the confirmation many people will need to believe that the iPhone 4s is a real iPhone model to be announced shortly.


The real debate is to what the iPhone 4s is, and most people can now assume that it is a real model to be released.  It is not just a single source that has stated that the iPhone 4s rumor is true, but also a variety of them corroborating from completely different angles.  The real question now is whether the iPhone 4s is the only model to be released and that the iPhone 5 will be pushed back to 2012, or that Apple is finally releasing two models this year and the iPhone 4s will be the low budget version and operating like an enhanced iPhone 4.  No matter what, it looks like the white iPhone 4 is one its way, but it serves to reason that there is more than just that single model to look forward to in the coming weeks.  To even things out, however, at least fans of the white iPhone will be taken care of right out of the gate.

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