Breaking: iPhone 5 Might Be Delayed, Wintek To Blame

I shouldn’t be reporting on this one. This might be a shocker for some while many may curse but the iPhone 5, earlier expected to make a release on October 4 and be widely available, is now being voiced for a shipment delay as the iPhone 5 production seems to have slowed down caused by a defect surfacing in some touchscreens. We might not be 100% sure as the report has been termed as a rumor by many.

Wintek, responsible for manufacturing Apple’s touch panels, has supposedly had a problem with “delayed Bubbles” (wonder what does that mean). Even though the problem has not been termed as something serious, it still might be an issue of recording a delay.

Whereas Wintek only has a share of 25 percent of the touchscreen panels for the new model, Apple is expected to boost handsets manufactured by TPK which makes up to 65 percent and the remaining is left with Chimei Innolux.

As earlier reported, the company is expected to ship as many as 26 million iPhone 5 handsets this fall but with the genuine problem, until fixed, a few of the millions would be needed to be set aside. The high demand might not be able to meet the production and would eventually end up to extreme shortages.


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