Breaking: Korean Carrier “KT” To Launch NFC Enabled iPhone

While we might not be seeing the upcoming iPhone version, better known as the iPhone 5, with Near-Field Communications (NFC) technology certified by Apple, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get this service on your iPhone. South Korean carrier KT is heard on taking such a situation in their own hands as they plan to offer the NFC service to its customers with a new “Apple Certified” case.

The South Korean carrier would allow users to turn their iPhones into digital wallets, giving them the edge to pay for goods with none other than their device, simply by attaching a new case. According to 9to5mac, the carrier will also offer a prepaid “transit card” which allow them to pay for public transport using their iPhones.

The case is tagged as iCarte and has been developed by Canadian company Wireless Dynamics. The company also disclosed on various credit card companies on joining the service by next month which would eventually wider horizons as the service reaches out to other parts of the world.

A company official commented:

With the recent launch of NFC-enabled smart(phones), iPhone users were showing increasing needs for NFC services, Hyunmi Yang, executive vice president for integrated customer strategy at KT, said in a statement. As a global leader of NFC services, KT plans to provide more convenient and differentiated NFC services to its customers.


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