Carrier in China Says iPhone 5 Will Support Speedy HSPA+



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If you thought the last several months were a crazy time for iPhone 5 rumors, you haven’t seen anything yet. They’re going to be pouring in like nobody’s business over the next few days. The latest rumor? The iPhone 5 will support speedy HSPA+ 21Mbps network speeds, which as Apple Insider points out is sometimes advertised as having 4G speeds (it’s important to note that it is not actually 4G, but the speeds may be similar).

While we’re not entirely sure what to think of this rumor, it’s worth throwing out there because it was part of a presentation at  Macworld Asia by carrier China Unicom.


Is an iPhone with 4G Speeds on the Horizon?

Since this is a carrier, it’s very hard to say. It doesn’t look that they are just out to distribute false information. They have a chart showing the progression of iPhones over the years and the slide shows a blank space where the iPhone 5 should be, indicating that they either don’t know what it looks like, or don’t plan to reveal it before Apple does.


Why No 4G iPhone?

The iPhone hasn’t gone 4G because, according to Tim Cook at the Verizon iPhone event, they could not get the kind of battery life they wanted from the device on a 4G network. While we usually chalk it up to PR talk, we think he has a point there. Our 4G phone experiences horrible battery life when connected on the 4G network and through regular use. It won’t even last a regular work day. Turning off the 4G antenna helps a great deal. Meanwhile, with 3G turned on, it will last about a day or two with regular use.


How about a 4G iPhone 6?

Yeah. It’s a bit too early to start thinking about the iPhone 6, but we know one thing for sure. It’s bound to come next year. However, the nice thing is that by then we may see a 4G handset with a decent battery life. Remember, Apple was late to the 3G party with the iPhone 3G, but they still did very well with it.


To Upgrade or not to Upgrade?

We are sure there are some out there who want the iPhone to be compatible on 4G networks before making the switch. We also learned about users interested in the iPhone 5 and which would upgrade to that phone vs a minor upgrade. You can check that out here.


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