China Telecom Preparing for iPhone 5 With $235 Million Marketing Campaign

iPhone 5 Mock-up

China Telecom is preparing for an October iPhone 5 launch as well.

According to reports (via 9to5Mac), China Telecom will begin taking pre-orders around the end of September, and will begin official sales of the product in October. They are also launching a 1.5 billion yuan marketing campaign (that’s about $234.5 million) for the launch of the iPhone 5, which has been dubbed the Dragon Plan.

It seems as if Apple is trying to aim for a narrower worldwide launch window for the iPhone 5. Typically, when a new iOS device launches, it hits the US first (often the UK as well and a few other countries throughout the world) and then it’s distributed through the rest of the world a bit later. We saw this with the iPhone 4 and with the iPad 1 and iPad 2. We’re sure it’s all a calculated decision by Apple based on supplies.

We are hearing more and more about other countries getting the iPhone 5 in October and November. For instance, we heard that the iPhone 5 should arrive in Russia in November. This was big news because in the past it’s often taken up to six months for an iOS device to launch. It hurts business because most of the users who want an iPhone end up importing one before the official launch.

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