Crasher – Get Rid Of Stress From Your Everyday Boredom

Are you bored? Tired of playing strategy related games? D&D Dream Corp proudly presents an arcade game which involves physics. Crasher, available via the Apple App Store guarantees game play and escape from the boredom of your everyday life. No rules or achieving a high score applies while spending time for the game and destroying objects is the main aim.

Simply rid the stress by throwing things as you throw rocks and other objects by choosing from the “Crash Pack” provided. Gamers are presented with a three-story building to throw things at as you gladly smash windows. In order to access the floors, simply swipe your finger up and down from the “side” of the screen.

You will be guided throughout the game with suggestions on which window to break next as it highlights it in yellow.

To smash or break, throw something by dragging your finger from the bottom middle of the screen to the area where you wish the object to land. You will be prompted with an arrow and wind speed which acts as obstacle, in order to check your aim.

Your backpack or “Crash Pack” can hold only eight objects at a time varying from baseballs and bricks to wine bottles, each object having their own energy and power. The points you earn would enable you to replace objects in your backpack.


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