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Agile Project Manager

It’s time for another free app code giveaway. Today it’s for Agile Project Manager. It’s best-designed for those managing a development project as it helps them manage and sort parts of the project such as time allocations and milestones.

The app is usually $11.99, but you can get it for free with these app codes. As always, it’s first-come, first-served. So, ladies and gentlemen, grab them while you can!






Here is some info from the App Store page:

Agile Project Manager is a software tool for project management which uses all advantages of Agile methodology known as Scrum – flexibility and adaptiveness to changing project requirements.

The Agile Project Manager allows you to plan and track the progress of your development cycle on your iPad during multiple sprints. This gives you the possibility to be always intact with your team and project stakeholders.

With Agile Project Manager you can quickly create a detailed plan of the sprint and then manage the sprint tasks by all canons of the Scrum methodology – just by dragging them between the corresponding columns. All stages of the project creating and management process are placed on separate tabs for your convenience.

The sprint progress is displayed in a form of burn down chart, which gives the clear visual picture of the current state of sprint to project stakeholders. Also you can send automatically generated sprint report at any time by mail.

Each sprint can be saved at any time as a separate project file, so you can manage multiple projects with Agile Project Manager. This feature also allows you to have a substitute of common project backlog in a form of a separate project file.

Agile Project Manager provides an enhanced support of Dropbox synchronization. You can save projects in Dropbox folders to prevent data losses which cause additional risks in your project. As the main purpose of Dropbox service is convenient joint work with documents, you can share Agile Project Manager documents via Dropbox to quickly inform all team members and project stakeholders about any changes, that is one of the core points of Agile methodology.

The tool is created mostly for Scrum masters, but it also can be used by all persons are involved in the project, as the core of Scrum is knowledge about the current state of development process.


Check out the App Here: Agile Project Manager

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