Gartner Group: It’s Gonna Be An iPad Christmas

First, the good news: according to Gartner, Inc., tablet device sales worldwide will go through the roof this year, with almost 64 million units sold — a nearly four-fold increase over the 17 million screens sold in 2010.

The bad news?  It’s still an iPad — and a whole lotta runners-up — world.

Gartner projects that 73.4 percent of the tablets sold in 2011 will be from the House of Jobs.  Mind you, that’s down from 83 percent in 2010, but remember: the iPad not only debuted to almost zero competition, its blowaway success left competitors scrambling to get into the race.

This year, a ton of Android-powered panels hit the retail chutes, but none achieved even a fraction of the iPad’s acceptance.  (Gartner’s analysis blames this on a combination of high prices, weak user interface, limited tablet applications, and Android fragmentation across phone and tablet platforms).  In 2011, Android tablet sales topped off around 11 million — while iPad sales were more than four times that.  And in Gartner’s eyes, Android is still the strongest alternative; RIM’s QNX operating system and Microsoft’s Windows 8 are contenders, but still face an uphill battle for acceptance.

The report extrapolates that by 2015, there will be over 326 million tablets in use — and, not surprisingly, almost half will still be iPads.

See the full report here.

[Via Mac Daily News]

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