Get Less: iPhone 5 Not Coming To T-Mobile This Year

So why’s T-Mobile Girl looking so pensive in the above pic?  Maybe its because of what she’s not going to be singing the praises of any time soon.

During a recent town hall meeting for T-Mobile employees, Chief Marketing Officer Cole Brodman confirmed that the company will soon be debuting two new smart phones — rumored to be a Galaxy S II variant with a Qualcomm chip set, and HTC’s new 4G Amaze (a/k/a “Ruby”).  Then the topic arose of when the cellular company — and soon-to-be AT&T symbiote — would join their new overlords, as well as Verizon and Sprint, in offering an iPhone (in particular, the upcoming iPhone 5) to their customers.

Brodman’s terse reply?  “We are not going to get the iPhone 5 this year.”  Full stop.

Already, amateur spin doctors are trying to read between the (single) line in Brodman’s statement.  As in: Well, if not this year, then possible NEXT year?  And: They said no iPhone 5.  What about an iPhone 4?

Then again, depending upon how quickly the Death Star (still firstest with the mostest, iPhone-wise) engulfs and devours them, T-Mobile’s lack-of-iPhone-ness may soon become a moot point.

[Via TechCrunch]

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