Google Default Apps, The Only Solution For Android Handsets

Media research company, Nielsen, has released its first ever mobile app rankings for Android platform since the firm started measuring smartphone usage using on-device meters. For many years, we have kept our readers up-to-date with real-time results. The results displayed below does contain quite a few interesting updates with the rankings displayed in three segments.

1. Overall Usage

2. Male Usage

3. Female Usage

One thing noticeable is that all three lists include Facebook, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Twitter and Amazon Kindle. Moreover, Twitter was termed as more widely used by women than men. Google Plus was also seen among all three lists which shows that Google’s new social product may be paying off.

Advanced Task Manager was termed as one of the most popular app over Android. The app lets you monitor what else is running on the device and close down various apps which might be eating up the memory.

Take a look at the list below:

Whereas the top 20 android apps might surely be true, what looks like that Android users waste their time trying to look and download apps and eventually end up on Google default apps. All the leading apps installed clearly displayed Google’s own products.


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