Hands-On Review: AViiQ Portable Charging Station

When it comes to traveling with your myriad of electronic gizmos, you probably do what this writer does: gather up all (you hope!) of your devices’ wall chargers, (optionally) coil the cords up nice, throw them in your suitcase — then hope, when you get to your destination, you a) can find enough free wall outlets to plug everything in and b) don’t forget to repeat the process and bring them all home with you.

AViiQ says “ditch the wall warts!”  That’s the design philosophy behind their Portable Charging Station (US$79.99).  One AC plug, one 15 watt power supply juicing a 4-port USB hub, all in a compact nylon carrying case.  Just bring your USB charge/sync cables; you can charge up to four devices (including a high-current-demand iPad).  One of the ports even doubles as a syncing pass-through for an attached computer.  (There’s a retractable USB cable specifically for the PC.)  Velcro’d tabs inside the case help secure and wrangle your sync cords.

While high-tech road warriors are the obvious sales target of the Portable Charging Station, anyone who’s fighting charging cables spreading like kudzu and wall warts eating up your precious AC outlets may want to make the Station the centerpiece of their daily charge and sync routine.

Check out our hands-on review below:

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