Hands-On Review: Bracketron Dual USB Car Charger

Thanks to the rise in portable electronic devices – and the continued demonization of smoking – the automobile cigarette lighter jack is now being put to use for just about everything except torching your nicotine fix.  But therein lies the problem: most cars have only one cig…er, let’s use the more PC term “DC port,” so what happens if you have more than one power-hungry gizmo to charge?  Well, you can always get a two- or three-port extension (and hope that it doesn’t clutter up the interior too badly) — OR you can take advantage of the move towards USB-based charge/sync cables and get an adapter with two USB plugs.

And to the surprise of absolutely no one, that’s what “mounting solutions” suppler Bracketron has done with their Dual USB Charger.  What may be surprising is that Bracketron is asking US$24.95 for their unit — which may prompt a stampede to eBay to find a cheaper alternative…

Not so fast, Bucko.  Are you an iPad owner?  Do you need to charge your tablet in the car?  Take another look at Bracketron’s charger: one port supports USB 1.0A, while the other aligns with the higher-current USB 2.1A standard.  And you probably know by now that iPads are electricity guzzlers.  So plug it into the higher-current port, leave the standard USB port for a less-demanding device, and drive happy.

Check out our hands-on review below:

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