Hands-On Review: Bracketron iTilt Stand For iPads

You may have noticed that we’ve featured a lot of products from Bracketron in these Hands-On Reviews.  And for good reason: their stuff is ingenious-bordering-on-clever, not horribly expensive, and it all works like it’s supposed to.

Case in point?  The iTilt (MSRP US$19.95), an adjustable stand for iPads 1 and 2 (and assumedly 3), although we’re pretty sure any similarly-sized tablet could benefit from the product.  The iTilt is a simple, effective adjustable stand with eight different viewing angles (in portrait or landscape mode).  Nonslip feet keep it from skating off that freshly-waxed tabletop; protective corners make sure the stand doesn’t scratch your tablet’s back end.  Goes without saying that, when you’re finished with it, the stand folds flat for easy storage — oops, we said it anyway.

Again, it’s not slick or cutting-edge, but it does what it was designed to do, does it well, and at twenty bucks American it won’t break anyone’s budget.

Check out our hands-on review below:

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