Hands-On Review: Bracketron Universal USB Power Dock

Okay, hot shot, pop quiz: What’s the most precious piece of real estate in your car these days?  Believe it or not, your cigarette lighter — or, in these smoke-free days, the “DC port” (thank YOU, political correctness!).  Maybe yours is currently socked up with a smartphone or GPS power adaptor; maybe you’ve opted for the universal-bracket option that pops right into the port on an articulated arm and said “goodbye” to suction-cup marks on your windshield.  But now the conundrum: what happens if someone else in the car needs to plug in their gizmo?

Enter Bracketron, they of the “Universal Mobile Mounting Solutions” tagline.  The fine piece of automotive gadgetry seen here, at first glimpse, is just another universal bracket that plugs right into the DC port.  But hold on, what’s this?  There’s TWO ports on this thingy: a standard DC power receptacle next to a state-of-the-art USB port.  So you can run one gadget off their synch cable and another off the “car wart.”  (Get a dual-USB car wart connector, and two becomes three…)

The rest of the US$29.95 MSRP bracket is everything you’d expect from a universal car mount: padded expandable gripper, 360° pedestal mount, et cetera — but it’s those TWO power outputs that make all the difference.

Check out our hands-on review below:

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