Hands-On Review: Lucrin Protective Case And Stand For iPad 2

Remember LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS?  Robin Leach swanning about the globe, profiling the filthy rich and the ornate tchotchkas they’d drop an obscene amount of moolah on without batting an eyelash?

Well, if LIFESTYLES returned in the tech-savvy 21st Century, chances are at least one gazillionaire would be showcasing his iPad in one of Lucrin’s tony hand-crafted cases.  The UK-based company, whose motto is “Prestige and Tradition – Fine leather goods, bags, and accessories,” have definitely opted for the Saville Row approach to their folio-style iPad 2 case.  Hand-stitched leather in your choice of 38 (count ’em!) assorted colors and textures, the case starts at £161.70 (that’s 183,75 € for the rest of Europe, or a jaw-dropping US$288.75!).  “You mean the cost can go higher?”  Yes, ma’am.  A measly USD$39.86/£21.36 extra earns you two embossed initials; other, costlier options include a gold-printed date, silver-imprinted name, or an entire embossed sentence of your choice.  (But don’t fret: the company’s patented unbleached sewing thread is free…)

You’d think for that kind of money, the leathermongers at Lucrin could toss in a measly magnet or two — y’know, a little Smart Cover functionality — but that may have to wait for a subsequent version.  In the meantime, champagne wishes and caviar dreams, everyone…

Check out our hands-on review below:

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