Hands-on Review: MoviePeg iDevice Stands

Necessity is the mother of invention.  That’s clearly the design philosophy driving MoviePeg designer Brendan Dawes: “After a failed attempt to watch a movie on my iPhone by trying to prop it up on my bag I sketched out the idea for an iPhone stand that was as simple as it could possibly be; free of noise or unwanted features together with its sole purpose of being produced for use. MoviePeg is everything we believe good design should be: elegant and simple forms that solve a problem.”

Short version: he couldn’t find an iPhone kickstand he liked, so he made his own.

The MoviePegs are chunky, modernistic hard-foam kickstands that wouldn’t look out of place in the latest Ikea catalog.  They’re cleverly molded to snap together for easy storage.  The iPhone 3G and 4 versions show that Dawes is something of a film geek: the 3G line sports “movie colors” like Yellow Submarine, Black Rain, Blue Velvet, etc., while the iPhone 4 version’s colors are “Tarantino inspired,” e.g. Mr. Pink, Mr. Orange — you get the idea.  Each MoviePeg is US$7.99 each, or US$30.00 for a set of six.  iPad versions are a bit pricier at US$19.99 per, and currently only come in three colors — but Dawes promises more colors and “special editions” in the months to come.

Check out our hands-on review below:

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