Hands-On Review: MyHandstand iPad Hand Holder

Arkon has proven to have some good ideas when it comes to safely carrying and/or mounting your precious iPad; in the past, we’ve looked at their solutions for both desktop viewing and automotive use.  Their new MyHandstand is an elegant solution for on-the-go iPad carrying and usage rolled into one.  It’s basically a soft plastic bumper case with a hand rest mounted in the back.  Slide your fingers into the cushioned foam slots, tighten the elastic strap, and now you can easily access your tablet with your writing hand…what’s that?  You strapped it to your writing hand?  Start over…

All kidding aside, the hand insert and elastic strap provide plenty of anchoring to your (non-writing!) hand, both for using your iPad and for just carrying it.  Naturally, the hand mount rotates for both portrait- and landscape-mode use.  Arkon even included a couple of T-slots on the back, so MyHandstand will mount in any of their Dual T iPad mounts.

As more and more professions automate their on-the-g0 data entry processes, carry-based cases like the MyHandstand make more and more sense: inventory takers, field/service reps, medial staff, and waitresses are just some of the professions Akron thinks will benefit from their gizmo.  If you’re one of them, the case’s US$39.95 MSRP is a small price to pay for this kind of safety and convenience.

Check out our hands-on review below:

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