Hands-On Review: Rage Gage/Space Cowboy

Know why those Staples “Easy” buttons make a lousy gift?  Because they’re one-trick ponies, that’s why.  Every time you press it, it says the same thing: “That was easy.  That was easy.  That was…”  Followed by silence as you hurl it against the wall in frustration.  Then reach for the nearest stress-relief toy.

But if Reese’s can make oodles of money combining chocolate and peanut butter, couldn’t someone perform a DNA splice of the “Easy” button and the stress reliever?

Ta-daa!  Rage Gage to the rescue!  These pressure-sensitive smash pads also talk when you smack ’em, only their line of patter sounds more like “Wimp!” or “Is that the best you can do?”  Different intensities of pounding ’em produce different smack talk.  They’re available in a range of designs (including the space cowboy seen above), and you can download extra celebrity-impersonation voices (e.g. the President, a Paris Hilton soundalike, etc.) or use their audio editing software to create your own.

Which explains why there’s a USB port on the side of the Rage Gage.  Well, not entirely.  Because in addition to being an amusing desktop novelty, the Rage Gage is an honest-to-blog game controller!  Play games online or on your computer; there’s even a Facebook app that lets you smack your friends.

Act now, because Rage Gage is having a storewide sale: the smash pads themselves are marked down to US$19.99 (a five-dollar savings), while the voices — originally US$0.99 a pop — are now free!

Check out our fists-on…er, hands-on review below:

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