Hands-On Review: Supertooth Disco Amplified Speaker

Getting your audio out of your iPod or iPhone — and into the ears of more than one person wearing ear buds — has always been an issue.  Look at the plethora of docks, boom boxes, etc. available for rocking out your MP3’s, many of which have been profiled right on this very bloggeroo.  Not to mention: what happens if, God forbid, you opt for a non-Apple phone or media player?  What then?

How about a one-size-fits-all, wireless solution?  Supertooth Disco, come on in and take a bow.  This Bluetooth-enabled powered speaker doesn’t care if you’ve aligned yourself with the House of Jobs, the Little Green Robot, or anyone else for that matter — with a simple Bluetooth pairing, the (is that the BEST name they could come up with?!?) Disco will grab the music beamed its way and pump up the jams, even going so far as to control the playback with its own instrument panel.  The Disco’s 28 watts of amplification (12 of which to the on-board sub-woofer alone) fills the room with sound and bottom to spare.  Not near an AC outlet?  Have no fear: the Disco’s rechargeable NiMH battery will run for 10 hours at medium volume — 3 to 4 hours at Metallica-grade SPL’s.  There’s even an audio jack for (gasp!) pre-Bluetooth devices.

At a list price of €119.00 (around US$171.00), the Disco ain’t cheap, but if high fidelity plus high output plus portability are your requirements, then cut the cords and put on your dancing shoes.

Check out our hands-on review below:

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