Hands-On Review: Tuff-Luv Saddleback Case For iPhone 4

HOW long has it been since the iPhone 4’s “death grip” issue made national headlines?  Long enough for every case maker on the planet to jump on the bandwagon and insist that their product is the Rosetta stone of  phone protection and no dropped calls all rolled into one.  And you can certainly go on eBay and grab something made of silicone or polypropylene that’ll do the job just fine.  But what if your tastes are a bit more…macho?  Cowboys and saddles and the dusty trail and all that?

Tuff-Luv’s got you covered.  Their Saddleback case (£24.99, about US$41.00) takes a slim hardshell case, lines its interior with soft flocking, then wraps the whole shebang in burly hand-stitched leather.  The front flap with snap fastener keeps your phone’s screen safe when not in use.  The case feels great in your hand and has a classic, timeless look to it.  And, as Tuff-Luv is quick to remind you, it “[r]emoves the antenna degradation caused by contact with the hand.  In other words, when Rooster Cogburn growls “Fill yer hand, you sonuvabitch!” — well, let’s just say your call to 911 won’t poop out in mid-dial…

Check out our hands-on review below:

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