Hands-On Review: Tuff-Luv Tri-Axis Stasis Series Faux Leather Case Cover for Apple iPad 2

Apple’s iPad Smart Cover was actually a super-clever idea: a protective cover for the iPad’s screen that used embedded magnets to not only grab onto the iPad’s metal back case, but to also turn the tablet on and off as the cover was lifted up and then folded back.  While the first wave of post-Smart Cover bumper cases addressed the issue of protecting the rest of the iPad — while leaving room to actually attach the cover — it made you wonder why no one’s seized on the technique to make an all-emcompassing case.

Well, Tuff-Luv rose to the challenge.  Their Tri-Axis Stasis Series cases for the iPad 2 utilizes what they call “[the] ‘Stasis’ feature to automatically put your iPad 2 to sleep (when shut), making sure you conserve your battery power when you’re on the move.”   In other words, they stuck a Smart Cover-style magnet into the front flap.  As if that wasn’t enough justification to buy one, the Tri-Axis itself is a nice folio-style case with “discrete velcro anchors” that turn the front flap into a portrait- or landscape-mode stand.  Available in a variety of handmade faux and “veggie” leather styles (including the Paris Hilton-esque pink baby shown here); prices start at around £29.  (Serious data-input monsters might wanna check out the £100 edition with a built-in Bluetooth keyboard.)

Check out our hands-on review below:

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