Hey, Man, Nice Shot! Instagram 2.0 Goes Filter (Get It?) Crazy

Instagram, the blowaway success iDevice camera app, is upping its game with the release of version 2.0.

The free app, beloved for its ability to easily and creatively tweak its distinctive square snapshots, then share them both internally (with other Instagram users) or externally via social networks like Facebook and Twitter, has added “Live Filters” to its arsenal of built-in image modifiers.  You can now preview how a shot will look with a particular filter even before you pop the shutter.  The Live Filters technology works on Instagram’s existing filter catalog, as well as four new filters (Amaro, Rise, Hudson, and Valencia) that were developed by a third-party “Instagrammer.”

Version 2.0’s other enhancements include faster real-time tilt/shift focus, higher-resolution images, and the ability to turn borders on or off.  It’s compatible with any iPad, iPhone 3GS or 4, and third- or fourth-gen iPod Touch running iOS 4.2.1.

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