How to Backup and Revert to Old Versions of iOS Apps



Have you ever updated an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad app only to receive a bad update? Perhaps something doesn’t work, or it crashes on startup. It can be frustrating, especially because you have no way to revert to the old version…or do you?

There is a solution, but it requires that you make regular backups of your older apps. Hit the jump to read up on how to make backups of your older apps. It’s actually very simple.

Important: In order to keep a backup, you must use iTunes to update your apps. If you update through your iOS device, you cannot go back.

Here’s how it works:

1) When you update your apps through iTunes (as we did here)

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(We hope you check for updates more often than we do)

2) OS X puts your old apps in the trash


3) We recommend grabbing the Apps that you know are solid on your device and putting them in a folder designated for App backups:




4) When you need the app again (for instance, if the next update is bad):

– Delete the app that doesn’t work from iTunes and all your iOS devices.

– Grab your old .ipa file (the one that worked well) and drop it in your iTunes window under the library section. You now have your working app again.


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