How to Maintain Battery Life on Your iOS Device While on the Road


iOS devices are great companions for the road. It’s easier to carry an iPad than it is a laptop. Many of us always have our iPhone on us, and others carry around an iPod touch. While the devices all have a nice battery life, it’s definitely easy to run their batteries dry while on a road trip.

Here’s how to keep that battery charged while on the road.


1) Car Charger

This is the most obvious. Still, many people don’t invest in one of these. Maybe car chargers can be a little pricey, but you can buy some cheap ones on any site like Amazon. The payoff is well worth it when you can be assured that your iPhone battery won’t leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. One of the single most important things you can get if you have an iOS device and a car is a car charger. Do it. This applies 10-fold for those using a device with a tethered jailbreak as powering off will render your device useless until you can plug back into your computer. Shop around sites like Amazon and read some user reviews.


2) Battery Pack

An iPhone battery pack is basically a case with a built-in battery for your iPhone that plugs into the handset’s connector and adds extra hours of battery life. These are obviously a bit pricier than standard cases and a bit bulkier. Recommended if you plan on being away from a power source for a while. The Juice Pack Air by Mophie is an example of a battery pack, but we recommend just shopping around and reading buyer reviews.



There are also various settings for prolonging battery life of your iOS devices. Here are a handful that work across iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

1) Quit Background Applications 

Double-click the Home Button to bring up your multitask pane. Hold down one of the icons until they all begin to jiggle. Now, touch the red minus sign to quit all those applications. There are apps like Skype that are particular battery hogs as it is perpetually connected so that it may receive calls.

2) Brightness

Settings>Brightness. Adjust your brightness accordingly. If you are out in the sun, you may have to brighten your screen. However, if you are indoors or its darker out, turn down that brightness. That will help save battery power as well.

3) Know Your Wifi 

If you are using an iPad or iPod touch, but know that you are nowhere near a wifi network. Shut wifi off. This will save power as the device will not be searching for an available wifi connection. That said, if you are around a wifi network on an iPad 3G+wifi, turn the wifi on (this applies to the iPhone as well) as using the network is much more battery-friendly than using the 3G connection.

4) Turn off 3G 

If you are on an iPad 3G or on your iPhone, you can turn off 3G. For instance, if you are using your iPad, and you know that you will not be connecting to the internet or App Store, or using any other online features. Simply turn off 3G as swell as wifi. This will save a ton of battery.

On the iPhone, you can turn off 3G and go onto Edge. The connection is much slower, and is terrible for practical internet connection, etc. However, it does the job for checking email, text or voice. If all you need to do is make calls while on the road, this solution works perfectly.

Another solution is to turn on Airplane Mode if you are in an area that you know has no coverage. This happens often on road trips. You will drive through a “dead” area. Your phone struggles to find a connection. This only depletes battery life. Turn on Airplane mode to save that energy for later.

5) Turn off Push Notifications  

Turn off push notifications. Those can be done on a per-app basis as well. Most of us don’t need the New York Times or Associated Press mobile app to buzz us every hour to share a breaking story with us. Turn it off.


Keeping Your iOS Device Charged

We can get away with the iPad or iPod touch battery dying on us. It sucks, but it’s not a horrible situation. Being without a phone, however, that is a bad place to be these days. You can’t just stop at a gas station anymore and drop a few quarters in a pay phone. Make sure you keep your phone charged.



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