How To Pimp Your iPhone With A Backlit Apple Logo

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iPatch, an iPhone repair company in the UK, has built an interesting new mod for the iPhone 4. It makes the Apple logo on the back of the phone backlit by using the same source that lights the display.

Of course, such a fancy mod isn’t going to come with instructions. You’re going to have to send your handset in and have it modified. They also have a few answers on their page answering some questions that are probably on most people’s minds.

The mod doesn’t have a finalized price yet. They plan to start taking orders before mid-October (just before the iPhone 5 is scheduled to release, coincidently) They are giving it a final test to make sure there are no unforeseen issues, then will be selling it for about $80 to $160 depending on the cost of mass production.

Have a look here.

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