How to Set Up iTunes Home Sharing for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch


Home Sharing is a cool feature introduced earlier this year as a way for iOS devices to share content with iTunes. For instance, you can save space on your iPad by watching a movie that’s installed on your computer by beaming it directly to your iPad. Think of it as similar to AirPlay, but for iTunes and iOS devices. The computer will have to be on, and iTunes will have to be running. You will also have to enable Home Sharing. Here’s how to do that.


1) Launch iTunes.

2) Go to the Advanced Tab and select: “Turn on Home Sharing”

Home Sharing

3) You will get a sign in screen. Log in with your Apple ID:

sign in


4) Once you log in you will be notified that Home Sharing is now available on devices tied to your Apple ID:

can now share


5) Click on Preferences under the iTunes menu:


6) Go to the Sharing Tab. Here, you can set up your sharing options. We have the most basic setup, which is “Share My Library on my Local Network” with “Share Entire Library” selected. You can choose if you only want certain things to be shared, too.


7) You can now enable home sharing on your iOS device or Apple TV by enabling sharing. Go to the Shared tab and you will see “(Username)’s Shared Library” where you can view shared videos or music. Just remember that the computer must be on and must be running iTunes. If you try to quit, you will get the following:

Shared Quit iTunes

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