How to Use Your iPhone as an External Hard Drive with iPhone Explorer


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iPhone explorer is a wonderful piece of freeware that installs on Mac or PC and allows users to browse their iPhones from their computer. We’ve written a few tutorials for it in the past, such as how to grab files off your iPhone and how to back up/transfer a game save.

Now it’s time to learn how to use your iPhone as an external USB drive.

First, you will need iPhone explorer. It’s free, and it’s on both Windows and Mac. It requires no jailbreak or anything of the sort, just your iPhone’s USB cable and computer. Also know that we keep referring to the iPhone, but the functionality here is the same as the iPad and the iPod touch.


1) Launch iPhone Explorer


2) Create a new folder. Know that you will need to put it under a parent folder. We put it under Media, and gave it the creatively-titled “More_Stuff.”


3) Let’s say I want to save the Reason 5 Manual on my iPhone. I simply drag it into the “More_Stuff” folder and let the file transfer:



4) Worth knowing is that the file will NOT show up within your iOS device. You will have to connect to the computer again with iPhone explorer in order to grab the file. Also know that iPhone Explorer will alphabetize the folders when you plug your iPhone back in:



5) If you want to delete the folder, you just hit the delete key. You will be given a warning. Just don’t delete anything you need!



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